Own Your Audience Data

Your audience, your data

iPROM secures your audience and gives you control over it. Target your audience directly, instead of constantly paying other platforms to reach your current customers, potential customers, and fans.

Deep Audience Insights

iPROM’s unique tech stack and data management platform help you with the power of AI identify your core audience, providing you the chance to craft effective campaign strategies with laser focus.

Look-a-like Audiences tailored from your data

iPROM's one-of-a-kind platform helps you carve out highly targeted audience segments based exclusively on 1st party data by utilizing deep learning algorithms, giving you the toolkit to drive performance in today’s fragmented digital advertising landscape.

1st Party Data Management Platform

With your own data management platform, the future of your digital advertising is in your hands.

Private DMP by iPROM gives brands the power to take back control and own their advertising data. Private DMP affords brands direct access to their target audiences through a secure platform with complete transparency for all shareholders – effectively, securely, and with no middlemen to cost them money. All that while harnesing the potential of AI for targeting, minimizing media waste and improving the long-term efficiency of their media spend. Your data – your competitive advantage
  • Unique custom audience segmentation
  • Exclusive premium 1st & 2nd party data integration
  • Better targeting and personalization powered AI
  • Unrivaled flexibility & efficiency in digital advertising campaigns
  • Fully verified audiences: proprietary fraud protection technology (iPROM Fraud Fence)

Media investments – not media ad spends

Imagine buying a car, paying for it in full, and yet still having to pay monthly bills to use it. That’s the current state of media buying, especially on walled garden platforms. These platforms share data from every campaign with other advertisers, even if they are direct competitors. Additionally, every new campaign launched means that all the data from your previous advertising campaigns are not being used as efficiently as they should be.

iPROM believes that every euro spent on advertising should result in more than just ads being displayed. When you use the Private DMP powered by iPROM, you are investing your money into building your own valuable audience, which can be leveraged for further campaigns. So every media euro spent should be an investment, an asset that your brand can own, grow, and use.

iPROM Data Diligence

Data is the lifeblood of any business and iPROM is the partner you need to keep your data safe and secure. We follow strict privacy standards to ensure that all personally identifiable information is anonymized and encrypted.

Our solutions are EU GDPR-compliant, and our entire data infrastructure is located within the European Union. iPROM only facilitates the collection of data for which you have explicit user consent. In addition, you never share any data with third parties or competitors, so your valuable data remains private and intact.

Your data are yours alone. And they’re the most valuable asset for your marketing efforts.

We have been in business long enough to know that things inevitably change over time, and control over data is no exception. We are confident in what we do and provide top-level data services. But if your advertising data need to be migrated in the future for whatever reason, we would be happy to transfer your data anywhere you want at any time.

To provide our customers the best services we work with Adobe products and love Oracle databases.

Reach your audience effectively on the open web

With advanced audience segmentation and personalized targeting, iPROM Ad-Tech helps you use your 1st party data to deliver real-time optimized advertising campaigns on the open web. Directly, with no middleman, and guided by the OpenRTB protocol, your ads can be programmatically displayed on the most prominent and trusted digital media in the world.

Reach real people, make real connections, and drive real brand conversations.

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